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23 August--Is the Flathead Monster an ancient species of marine reptile? More than 75 million years ago, the central United States and Canada were covered by an inland sea, inhabited not only by sharks and other really big, toothy fish, but by swimming reptiles. Species varied dramatically, from crocodile-like mosasaurs to flippered plesiosaurs--both long-necked elasmosaurs like Styxosaurus snowii and shorter necked pliosaurs. (The bad news, if the theory of surviving prehistoric animals in the lake is accurate, is that these creatures all seem to have been both large and predatory!) While this is an interesting thought, it is critically important that witnesses do not try to explain their sightings in terms of one of these ancient animal species. If you have a report to file, just let us know--as clearly as possible--what you observed.

15 August--Report data has been added to the site! Individual reports are presented in the order submitted, referenced by the sighting date and location on the lake--if available. If you have a report to submit, PLEASE complete the Submission form before reviewing data already collected!

7 August--We have added an Index of Lake and Sea Monsters to the site. It is probably far from comprehensive at this time so if you have something to add, please contact us. This resource may evolve into an expanded monster reporting database--potentially to include mysterious creatures the world over--if there is sufficient interest in such a monster-watching effort...

6 August--Interest in the Monsterwatch Project has been strong and we are collecting report submissions. A number of folks have asked about when report data will be posted on the site but we do not yet have a number of submissions sufficient to provide any meaningful summary report. We can say that the information gathered so far paints an interesting picture, pieced together from some surprisingly detailed eyewitness accounts! Several individuals have also suggested that they would submit their sighting information only after they had reviewed others' submissions... Remember that there is NO "right" answer where monster sightings are concerned--if you saw (or remember) something differently than other witnesses, your unique perceptions are actually far more valuable than they might be if "filtered" or influenced by others' submissions. We would dearly love to find out what YOU saw and experienced, so please file a report?

10 July--Recent newspaper articles have suggested that T-shirts might be available from the Monsterwatch Project--this is not actually the case, however. Though not affiliated with the Monsterwatch Project in any way, Flathead Lake Monster Productions does seem to offer shirts featuring a cute little cartoon monster. Please note that the Monsterwatch Project cannot vouch for the accuracy of this illustration! It is also important to understand that reports of historical monster sightings, appearing in news articles, do not come from Monsterwatch data. All reports made to our site are confidential--we promise.


The Monsterwatch Project is dedicated to the late and much-missed Carroll Kirk--longtime Flathead resident, one-time owner of Dream Island, loyal Shriner, rancher, drinker, smoker, and my grandfather--the man who helped me believe in monsters. Though he was the kind of guy who would be the first to dismiss it as silly, rumors persist in our family that he saw the monster...

The Monsterwatch Project

This Web site is committed to the gathering of information detailing sightings of strange animals in and around Flathead Lake, in Northwestern Montana State. If you have seen something unusual, please report it to us using the Flathead Monster Data Submission form. If you would like to share a sighting made by someone who is no longer with us, please use the Flathead Monster Legend Form.

Data from the Monsterwatch Project will be collated and reported at this site as it is collected. If you have questions, feedback or pertinent information to share, please contact Kirk Knestis, at the Monsterwatch Project.

Report Data Index

All report data, by date submitted

Summer 1985, Skidoo Bay

Summer 1989(?), Port Polson Inn to the islands

Mid-July (no year), NW of Wildhorse Island

July 1998, Skidoo Bay

(No date), Between Bird Islands and Finley Point

Summer 1995, SW corner Wildhorse Island

1981, (no location)

Late 60s or Early 70s, Finley Point

Spring 1987, near Lakeside

New! Late Summer 1983, East of Melita Island

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