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Should You Move?

It was never easy to change to a new home so as it was never easy to remodel one. If this is the case, the question that will surely come out is whether you should move out or not. If the basis of your going out or stay would be the length of duration of the remodeling process, you must understand that it is really disruptive. Other homeowners don't know for a fact that such process is both disruptive and at times intrusive. So with this facts mentioned, would you now move out? Other remodeling process can take a long period of time and it would be easier on the part of your contractor if you will move out but, how about your part? It would be a burden for you and it might even cost you a lot. But through right understanding, you will feel the right way and make the right decision. Here are some things you might consider if faced with the question of moving out.

Ask yourself, of course even the contractor if how long the remodeling process would last. If it will be long and moving out would add up to the ease of working of the contractor, then, why not? Besides, you will be the ones benefited so they can work faster without seeming disruptive and intrusive on your part.

Ask if what rooms will be affected in the remodeling proper. If it would not take most of the house, better stay. There is a less chance of disruption and intrusion that might occur.

Ask yourself if you can survive for the time being away from your place. But always be objective. Besides, this remodeling will be for your benefit in the long run.

Ask yourself if family affairs or activities be done in other part of the room in case of the unavailability of certain areas. Of course, we cannot go away with routinely things of our family. But also put in mind that this is only for a time being. Next question in line with this would be ‘can temporary places be created elsewhere?' There are a lot of options you can make. You might even be surprised at the possibility of these new areas.

One of the most pressing considerations is if one of the family members is allergic of sensitive to dust. If yes, you must better move out or stake anyone because of the remodeling. Also, ask if the remodeling would affect your children's sleeping and eating area. Yes, you are having this remodeling for the benefit of your child but perhaps in the short run they will be affected so better be cautious.

Another pressing question, can you afford rent a house for the time being or can you stay with any of your relatives?

And the most pressing question, can you tolerate daily disruptions because of the remodeling?

Answer these questions for you to be stimulated and for you to think well. You can even consider the ideas presented. But we know that you have your own situation so at the end, it will be you who will determine your decisions.

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Last updated 7 October 2000